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“Dr Allen sure did improve my quality of life. I have had a problem for over 10 yrs and had two primary doctors who just passed it off as an age thing but one visit with Dr. Allen and I was on the road to recovery. With his expertise and professionalism he knew what my problem was and discussed in detail what my options were to achieve the ultimate solution to my problem and he did it in such a caring manner that I was totally comfortable with everything he recommended. I would just like to thank him for being my doctor and for what he did for me.”

Gustave S.

“WOW…Took time to explain my options. Made me feel so comfortable. Thorough and professional. Thank You.”

Richard B.

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Dr. Allen for almost 2 years now. He is incredibly kind, caring, and respectful to all of his patients. I would trust him to care for myself, as well as my family and friends. Dr. Allen’s integrity shows that he truly wants what is best for his patients.”


“You bring joy back to people’s lives.”


“I have been working with Dr. Allen for the past two years now. Each visit is good and he is the ultimate professional.”


“Genuinely concerned about the patients wellbeing. Listens and then responds.”


“Dr Allen is the ultimate professional! On a scale of 1-10 he is a 10+. End of story!”


“Dr. Allen came in to the examining room quickly. The procedure was done with the nurse and she was very nice. Dr. Allen has great staff.”


“Took time to ask questions about prior incidence that may have impacted this visit. I’m from a medical family so this was important (and today a little unusual!)”


“Dr. Allen is a combination of caring, brilliance and thoroughness. Caring is first on my list because Dr. Allen demonstrates genuine caring in so many ways in addition to listening. He has been trained by the best and now pays it forward. He came into my life at just the right time.”

Lois F.

Dr. Allen is a wonderful doctor. He takes time to listen, he explained all choices clearly, and most important he genuinely cared about my health and me as a patient. I could not have found a better doctor.


“Dr. Allen has truly been a godsend. His depth of knowledge helped me solve a mystery diagnosis that caused me years of anguish. But, it’s his genuine compassion that truly sets him apart from other physicians. I am forever indebted to him for his care, patience and service.”

Rick Y.

“Everyone was very nice and I got done quickly.”


“Dr. Allen knows his stuff. I first thought he looked a little young to be my doctor but he proved he knows exactly what he is doing. Just a wonderful experience.”


“Thank you thank you thank you for all you do for my mom. I have seen her go from miserable every day, to being mobile again. You guys are absolutely awesome!!”


“Dr Allen was through…..answered our questions and had a great visit. Nice person.”

Robert F. Johnson Sr.

“I can not say enough great things about Dr Allen! It’s so nice to have found such an amazing doctor. He truly cares about you and your experience in the office. His bedside manners are excellent and he explains everything in a way you will understand. He addresses past experiences and does everything in his power to make sure your experience is easy and as pain free as humanly possible. My kidney stone doctor for life!! Thanks for being awesome!”


“He was thorough and is questioning and, most importantly, listened to me. When he finished the exam and tests, I was confident that I had nothing to worry about.”

Larry Dusseau

“Fully explained my condition and solutions with any consequences of that action. While encouraging me to act, he accepted my desire to monitor the condition and act when necessary.”

Terry L

At age 75 I found out one day I couldn’t go. After a trip to the ER where I got a foley catheter I was referred by my primary physician to Dr. Allen. I had immediate confidence that he could help me get back to a normal life. He recommended an operation with a green light laser. He had several test scheduled and then the operation. Everything went so well that I now function like a 40 year old. I can sleep all night without needing to get up. I am able to enjoy the wonderful activities here in Florida, thanks to Dr. Allen. He is a real gentleman and cares about every patient.

William W.

Dr. Allen is a an angel in disguise, a God sent. He is not about financial gain, he truly genuinely cares about his patients and takes all the time and resources needed to make sure his patients are well and stay well which is a blessing.

Thank you Dr. Allen for going above and beyond for me, I truly appreciate you.

Kindest Regards.

Aima D.

Dr. Allen is an excellent and very professional doctor. He knows that your scared when you first come in and he makes sure you completely understand what he is going to be doing. He is one of a few doctors that takes his time and listens to all of your problems and then works with you to solve your problems. My wife came with me and he answer all of her questions.
I would recommend him to anyone that needs this type of doctor. He is a 10+ on the scale of 1 – 10.
Thank God for doctors like him!

Dennis M.

“Prompt service, saw the doctor right away.”


“All I can say is that Dr. Allen has me feeling better. What more could I ask for.”


“Dr. Allen was great! He performed my surgery in less than 30 minutes, was professional, and he played along with my horrible jokes to ease my nervousness.”

M. Andrews

“Thorough. And very good at making sure you understand.”

Wayne McGee

“I met Dr. Allen for the first time just yesterday. I was most impressed with his unhurried, clear and very detailed explanation first of my test results and then of my options. He is low key, friendly and inspires confidence. I look forward to our continued association.”

Edward H.

“Dr. Allen was through and easy to work with. He explained everything easily and made me comfortable that I was in good hands. Never “like” a doctor visit, but I liked Dr. Allen.”

Dan Awalt

“Very caring and knowledgeable.”

Christopher Tully

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